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Bankers Reap the Benefits with MyWorthNow

Bankers banking

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A banker’s hours are devoted to complying with banking regulations and the ever-changing lending requirements created by this economy. By equally focusing on the convenience of the bank and the consumer, MyWorthNow has become the trusted tool of banking institutions for generating comprehensive personal financial statements.

MyWorthNow makes adhering to the rules and restrictions easier. Previously, the process of creating personal financial statements was a drain on resources, but the MyWorthNow application has streamlined and simplified the entire process.

MyWorthNow technology provides the ideal solution for bankers because it increases efficiency and reduces personnel costs and time. In just minutes, bankers are able to process as many financial statements as they require.

This innovative tool creates time on banker’s hours so they can make a statement.

MyWorthNow Time Saving Feature: Delegates

One of the unrivaled features of the MyWorthNow application is the ability to share your account access and information with someone known as a “delegate.”

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Our innovative delegate feature enables a third-party to assist you during your personal financial statement process. For example, you can assign your delegate to be your personal banker or your CPA. Your delegate will have their own unique login and password that grants them restricted access to your account. You decide how much control they have over your MyWorthNow account with customized settings. With your permission, a delegate can access your financial data to update and create personal financial statements on your behalf.We hope you enjoy the extra time you now have because you assigned a delegate. The MyWorthNow delegate feature is just one of the many innovative features we’ve developed to make your life easier.